Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Last day of the year 2013

Nothing beats the pleasure and the adventures I had this year as well. Though I am in a mess right now because of my own wrong doings and I would want nothing, but to go back in time and correct the most part of it if given an opportunity. However, I learnt a lot and turned 30 this year; the year that is about to come, I shall make a proper plan and execute it well.

Thanks to all my friends, family and foes to support me in my growth. Have a nice year ahead.

~Raghu Raj Murmu

Monday, 30 December 2013

Last Monday of 2013

Well, this is the last Monday of the month and my first day of the week, working again. Though I even work on weekends so Monday or Friday, it hardly makes a difference to me. However, the fact will not change that I love to write and so my work stays simple as well as lovely to the core. For all those souls who hate landing in the office early on Mondays; I wish nothing but the above message for them.

~Raghu Raj Murmu

Friday, 27 December 2013

Thinking & Action for SURVIVAL of JHARKHANDI PEOPLE ( Adivasi & Moolvasi ) in Jharkhand in NEXT 3 MONTHS

This is a socio-political proposal made by Mrs. Salkhan Murmu, President, Jharkhand Dishom Party, which is very apt for the indigenous people of Jharkhand.

Socio-Political Proposal

(1) A POLITICAL ALTERNATIVE with clear LEADERSHIP ( Of course, a collective leadershipwill be there but we need a Kejriwal & AAP to outdo the anti Jharkhandi forces. ) : Jharkhandi people need a political alternative with clear leadership to protect & promote their Jal, Jangal, Jamin, Khanij, Izzat, Abadi, Noukri- Rojgar, Bhasa- Sanskriti etc & STOP Bisthapan- Playan. Only peoples' movement can't help. The Jharkhandi People also cast their votes then whom will they cast ? They have been completely let down by BJP,CONG,JMM,JVM,AJSU etc. Lets give them an alternative. Its a complementary democratic action, which has brought great changes in Latin America.

 PRACTICAL--- Option A> Salkhan Murmu & JDP
                       Option B> Please propose..........if any.

(2) Option A / Option B will need support from Jharkhandi People & their socio- political organisations including their intellectuals, artists, activists, NGOs and even their religious leaders etc.:

Since the local MEDIA is vehemently against Jharkhandi People it is very very difficult to become Kejriwal & AAP hence all like minded souls have to come together & mobilize Jharkhandi People (JP) on emergency basis. JP are nervous & hopeless at present. Besides, the Enemy Camp is composed of Moneyed parties, leaders, police-administration, corporate, capitalists, dikus etc. The present crisis of MAGHI- BHOJPURI & DOMICILE  have amply reflected the grim reality. 

(3) ENDORSEMENT of a JHARKHANDI DOMICILE POLICY, which is Constitutional & in consonance with 27.11.2002 judgment by 5 Judge Bench of Hon'ble Jharkhand H.C. and which supports the cause of Jharkhand movement & its core objectives :

We need to formulate and endorse a Jharkhandi Domicile Policy, which could be practical & enforceable urgently whereas the opponents wish to keep this in limbo. JDP has floated the same and even handed the CM, Jharkhand on 23.08.2013 for his perusal & implementation but in vain.It has 2 concrete proposals:-

  (a) Allot 90% of the total class 3 & 4 jobs to Rural Population & fill them through Block Level Applicants ONLY after fixing the Blockwise Quota considering all Rural Population as LOCALS. The exceptions could be identified by the Gram Sabhas. We may note that all kinds of Khatiyans have been rejected by the Hon'ble H.C. 

  (b) The Hon'ble H.C. and S.C. have approved the criteria of local language,culture & tradition etc for identification of LOCALS. JDP has added Caste- List of Jharkhand to this.

Jharkhandi Domicile Policy DRAFT initiated by JDP in the form of a booklet is available with Jharkhand Express office, Ranchi ( Mob: 9431186819 ). Please have a look  at that.

   (a) Formation of DOMICILE SENA in every Block by the end of January,2014. JDP has started doing this with a target of atleast 1000 per block. This will consist of mostly educated but unemployed Adivasi- Moolvasi youths.

   (b) PUTLA- DAHAN : Effigy Burning, twice in a month, in  villages of anti Domicile leaders/ parties / govt so as to expose them in public.

   (c) Block Gherao for Job Quota : Domicile Sena with JDP leaders and other supporting forces will Gherao Blocks once  a month for demanding Block Level Job Quota & solution other peoples problems ie Narega job cards, indira awas, bridha pension, van adhikar patta, lal card etc. January 24, 2014 is fixed for Block Gherao.
  (d) Domicile Rath : This will be launched in January, 2014.


  To champion the Jharkhandi Peoples' cause & agenda MP / MLA candidates will be selected in consultation with the local people, Domicile Sena and supporting orgns in respective areas soon. Early selection of few good candidates can inspire the JP in Jharkhand & create a tip of good hope & success. The JP are disgusted with the leaders, who have been given chance in last 13 years, hence JP want a sea change. Let us give them an alternative BUT very soon. If we are committed for survival of JP ( Jharkhandi People ) let us think & ACT f a s t.   JOHAR.

Good Luck for 2014.
-- Salkhan Murmu, President, Jharkhand Disom Party.

Wednesday, 25 December 2013

This Christmas Know Christmas Abbott

My 30th Christmas celebration has gone busy working on academic papers for someone else. However, it fun nonetheless as I loved writing that tough piece of assignment. With that I have entered into the domain of academic writing.

Now there is another reason, which will always remind me of a pint size modest feminine fit figure whenever the noun Christmas will pop-up. I recently got to know about Christmas Abbott. This 5'3" tall female is a weightlifter and a crossfit trainer that too an excellent one. I am inspired by her and would like to meet her someday in future.

The charm, the elegance, the tattoos and no doubt; the level of fitness she posses is incredibly enchanting for me to resist.

~Raghu Raj Murmu

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Birthday Card...

So today I get a greeting card for my birthday from Novato, CA, USA. Though I ride a Royal Enfield Bullet but this Harley looks really good. Loved the card.

~Raghu Raj Murmu

Sunday, 15 December 2013

I turn 30 today!

So today I turned 30 years old and many things are to change as well as upgrade in my life. Turning a new leaf in the book of my life is going to be a bit difficult task for many reasons. However, I will make the most of this year that's ahead of me.

~Raghu Raj Murmu

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Batman Workout

These exercises are a full body workout that can be done beside your bed or in a small space over a yoga mat. Hence, the name "Batman Workout". Initially 1 set of 8 repetitions will do, which can be increased by adding 1 more set every week as well as making the repetitions from 8 to 12 or more. However, warm-up and stretching prior to these exercises is a must.

Sunday, 1 December 2013

December has arrived!!

It's been a bit more than two months today that I have been running and weight training. The result is amazing, I feel strong and better than ever; somewhat the same when I was in school playing sports. In sometime I shall be ready for my first marathon after a break of more than 3 years. 

Running 15+ Km everyday is definitely a pain, but the pleasure of knowing that I can do something that many can't do at my age is just a fabulous feeling.

Welcome December, the last month of 2013.

~Raghu Raj Murmu

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

From Russia - The Eyes

Today I received two beautiful postcards from Russia. They were nudes while the envelop had the largest stamp I have ever seen. 

There was a massive big card of Lenin as well, which is very rare to find here in India. 

The best of all was the personalized letter that the sender wrote to me. It has her beautiful eyes printed on the top.

Monday, 11 November 2013

Workout the 300 Way!!!

Last month I posted about the abdominal exercises, this month I'll put up an intense workout for the entire body that will make you sweat and scream with pain. However, glory is not earned easily so look into the kind of difficulty level that you can put up with. I started with the 100 rep. Beginner plan last week and by the end of next week, I shall advance to Intermediate plan.

Keep up the good work.

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Finally I Got The Primary Account Back

After a long time, I got my account back through a very close friend of mine. Thanks Nisha for helping me out with an important part of my personal and professional life.

Love you tonnes lady!!!

Thursday, 31 October 2013

Arab Falconry Picture Postcard

This is one of the finest picture postcards I have received from Kingdom of Bahrain; since I started Picture Postcard swapping. This is "Arab Falconry Sport", which is popular among the Royalties and Elite class of Arabian peninsula. Evidence shows that it originated in the Ancient Mesopotamia.

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Easy Abdominal Exercises

Since I am addicted to fitness now, here are a few exercises that will benefit the abdominal muscles to a greater extent. The above sets of different exercise target the upper, middle, lower and oblix sections of the abdomen. Doing a minimum of 1 set with 8 repetition of each every day will fetch desired result within a month's time. However, if you are damn to heavy then the sets may have to be increased.

Monday, 28 October 2013

What Topics to Blog!

One of my previous blog-posts, which was on "Search Engine Optimization-Basic tricks that I use!" has been liked by a lot of "Anonymous" people. This prompted me to do a little research of my own, on What Topics to Blog that gets more traffic.

Well, as my friend says the most primary thing that has been attracting or selling the most is SEX, SEX and more SEX, in all its form and capacity. I agree to that but I think a bit otherwise too. The most hyped thing that comes always before SEX is the Money. Or may be they go side by side, so here is a list of topics that I think gets more traffic to one's site, if they are blogged in details.

  1. SEX: Oh, can't deny that this topic sells not only like hot cake but also has every element to get to the second most important topic to this list. It has invariably large ratio of attracting a sure shot visitors that would increase every day. Posting pictures, dating tips, sexual advice, erotic or lustful stories are the key of this topic. The very demanded and most controversial part of this issue in India would be Sunny Leone in real and Savita Bhabhi in virtual.

  2. Money: Everything revolves around this Green or Multicolored element (Plastic)! Blogging about the effective ways on how to make money is the precise method of getting the best kind of traffic, because everybody wants to make some or lot of it. This section may carry the various methods and tips on making money through various business or internet schemes. Originality and genuine tips that are result oriented as well as fresh to the core, with an ever lasting relevance, is the key to this topic.

  3. Health: In the present day lifestyle, people tend to carry themselves somehow through the day; again and again without paying any attention to their health. When I use the word "Health" it's not just about the physical aspect, but also the mental and emotional side. A thorough descriptive article on the said line, in a regular basis shall attract a lot of readers who could benefit from the same. If the writer is a health enthusiast and practices any form of sports such as Yoga, Gymnastics, Judo, Cross-Training; then his experience would be very apt for the audience. However, loosing weight is one of the very prime and favorite subject of health articles.

  4. Relationship: Love-Gurus and Agony-Aunts are the most sought after celebrities by the young lovers, who are struck by the arrow of cupid. Blogging about how to reach out to the damsel or how to attract that hunk, which the lady desires secretly, but feels shy to approach first (Not very ladylike either). The subject is very sensitive, so one must write about it carefully after a good volume of research and observation. Experience in such matters do count manifold without a doubt.

  5. Travel: For all those vagabonds in the making and the one, who are already on the "Travel-Living" mode; it becomes mandatory to blog about their previous journeys and future plans. The details of the off-beaten path is very well appreciated by majority of the people who are keen on traveling sometime soon,, or the one who are already. Tips on how to reach, where to stay, what to look around and likewise would help a lot of novice travelers. If the blogger expertise in a certain kind of travel mode, like backpacking, hitchhiking, road-trips, camping, trekking etc. it would make for a very interesting read.
There would be a lot of other topics that you could blog about, but sticking with one or two main subjects would help a lot in SERP rankings. Choosing the keywords and tag-words would also help in the page ranking on the search engine. Though, most important would be the traffic and the revisits by the followers of your blog. This could always be increased and maintained through timeless quality blog-posts.

Happy blogging.

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Tanishq: Breaking the Fair Virgin Maiden Barrier

This is the latest advertisement of Tanishq, which is special in a lot of different ways. For the first time, a jewelry firm has come up with such an innovative and heart-touching thoughtful advertisement that reflects the actual celebration of a woman's identity and liberty in its own way.

The advertisement begins by showing a women getting ready to be married in sometime. In the meanwhile a little girl pops out from the background; she could be anyone, a niece, friend's daughter or a young cousin. However, the eyes of the would-be-bride has a certain spark when she see her. Their relationship of a mother and daughter becomes more evident by the way she takes care of the little girl. Afterwards, the little girl take her mother to the marriage stage where the bridegroom is waiting for the latter. The bride sits and the ceremony starts, which later reaches to the point where bother had to do the rounds of fire. The little girl also wanted to participate, but her mother signs her to remain quiet. Bridegroom witnesses that little communication of sign language between the mother-daughter that prompts him to take the little girl in his arms and complete the rounds. At the end of it all, the little girl asks if she could call the bridegroom 'Papa'.

Now let's reflect on what we just saw and what it could really mean for the millions of women as well as men. After watching it many would say that remarriage is justified for a woman who is divorced or widow with child. 

My take is, why a woman has to be married to be a mother at the very first place? An independent, strong, compassionate, kind woman can make her own choice to have a child or adopt one to be a mother without being married. The advertisement could be seen as the "Very First" marriage of a single mother who found the right man, after she chose to became a mother first.

The second most important thing that all the men and women at large could notice from this peculiar advertisement is that it has a dusky women in its center. So all those "Fair & Lovely" fans and fanatics, please understand that we Indians have something bestowed by the nature, which is exotic to the White Caucasian race. Let's cherish it and nourish it!

True that, with this particular work Tanishq has broken the mindset and the barrier, which the Indian folks had. The idea of a virgin maiden being the only suitable candidate to be a bride is shattered, a mother can be married for the first time. A divorcee or a widow can always start her life afresh. Last, but not the least; Dusky women are beautiful in every aspect if they stop worrying about their skin tone...

Thursday, 19 September 2013


Something that bothered me a while along with my parents; Didaskaleinophobia!!

Curious on what exactly Didaskaleinophobia is?

Well, it's the accute fear in a child that instantly comes from the thought or act of going to his school. Didasko is a Greek word that means 'teach' while phobia is Greek for 'fear'. This is a peculiar phobia that is most common in young children. I suffered from Didaskaleinophobia for a very long time, which made me change more than 20 schools by the time I reached my 10th standard of school.

Let's check the causes for Didaskaleinophobia

It is a proven fact that all kinds of phobia arise due to internal predispositions as well as from certain combinations of multiple external events. Though various phobias could be easily traced back to some sort of triggering events, which are usually a very traumatic experience that the patient had in his childhood. In this case, it could be a shy character that is intimidated by the strict teacher or the bullies in the class-room.

Know the symptoms of Didaskaleinophobia

Like any other kind of phobia, its symptoms does vary person-to-person, which completely depends on the individual level of fear. These symptoms include anxiety, irregular heartbeat, rapid breathing, sweating, nausea, dry mouth, shaking and more. In extreme cases the child may run away or hide himself when it's time to leave for school or tuition.

Any medication or treatment?

The best medication in this condition is counseling by an expert. This could very well be accompanied by an array of medicines prescribed by a specialist. However, the support of the parents and siblings is the most important aspect of the treatment. Other than counseling and medications, the patient could very well have to go through psychotherapy, hypnotherapy as well as programming for his Neuro-Linguistic; if the condition is very severe.

Under no circumstances Didaskaleinophobia should be considered a phase of life, it needs to be treated like any other ailment, but with a lot of TLC.

Saturday, 3 August 2013

Sending Picture Postcards to Foreign Nation...

So today I went to send the first 5 postcards of Postcrossing to my local Post-Office, there I asked the clerk on how much worth postal-stamps are to be affixed on the Picture Postcards. To my surprise the clerk didn't know anything about the picture postcards or the stamps to be fixed on them. He directed me to the Post-Master, I asked him the same.

His reply shocked me. He told me that the custom department do not allow open documents to travel outside the nation and I have to put the postcards in an envelop; after which postal-stamp worth INR 25/- is to be affixed on it for common post. 

There was no point arguing with that old man who didn't know anything about the international postal charges for picture postcards. I came back home and did some research over the internet to end up with something extremely interesting.

I reached to the official website of Postal Department of India where I went a bit further exploring into its Tools section and came across some interesting discovery on this particular Postage Calculator Page. Here one could see the real time Postal Charges for;
  1. Domestic Services
  2. Miscellaneous Items
  3. International Services
I went to the third; International Services, which has a simple menu that plays only on Java enabled systems. So people, keep the Java updated on your computer and smartphones. Within a minute this is what I find;

  1. International Picture Postcard Tariff (Land/Ship): INR 7/-
  2. International Picture Postcard Tariff (Air Mail): INR 12/-
The second option is the best because it would take a maximum time of 60 days to reach the remote most corner of the globe. One of my postcards took a mere 12 days to reach Belarus through Air Mail. The first option of Land/Ship may be the cheapest, but it's not the best as the snail will beat the mail by miles.

Happy Postcrossing!!!

Friday, 2 August 2013

How to wear Kacha-Saree: The Traditional Santha Dress for Women

A friend of mine asked me long back on how to tie a traditional Santhal Saree, which we call Kachha-Saree. Here is the entire process in pictures.

Thursday, 1 August 2013


So today I have joined this wonderful project called Postcrossing. The object of this peculiar project is to let people send and receive postcards from strangers across the world. The strangers are equally interested in sending and receiving picture postcards from other people. All this is done for "Free"! The primary idea here is to 'send a postcard and receive one from a random sender'.

Now you must be thinking, why someone would even want to send or receive Picture Postcards in the time of digital era. Well, there are many people who still like to send and receive the real snail mail. The best part of this entire process is the element of pure surprise that comes with the postcards, which one receives from various places across the globe. Some of the places you may have never known or heard of; it increases your geographical knowledge as well as political knowledge about the world in general.

How does Postcrossing work?

Once you have registered yourself on Postcrossing for free, you have to;

  1. Request the address for a postcard recipient from the website with a Postcrossing ID
  2. Now write the address of the recipient with the Postcrossing ID on the postcard
  3. Post the postcard duly stamped
  4. Now wait for your own postcard to arrive
  5. Once you receive a postcard, register it on the system with its Postcrossing ID
Don't forget to upload the picture of the postcard that you send or receive.

Initially you can send a maximum of 5 postcards at a single time. Each time one of your sent postcards will be registered by it's recipient, you may request for another address promptly. The permissable number of the postcards allowed to be sent, increases when you gradually cross the certain set number of postcards.

I have sent 5 postcards today. Will update as soon as I get my own postcard from someone or the recipients of my postcards would receive their's. For your reference, here is the link to my Postcrossing Profile.

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Back to Goa

After spending three days and three nights in Gokarna, finally I am back to Goa again. The eye still troubles me but the pleasure of returning to the land of my great friends and cheap petrol is unbeatable. The photos remind me of my time in Sirsi and the jungles of Yana.

 I intend to be in Goa for a while to recover and then ride towards southern states of India once again. 

Let's see what's there in store for me this week.

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Off to Sirsi

After spending more than a week in Goa, now I ride towards Sirsi, a small town in Karnataka that is 70km west from the beach city of Gokarna. The idea is to check out a Karnatic village and the jungles of Yana. The stay shall not be more than couple of days but the experience should last a lifetime.

In this leg of my road-trip a Russian friend of mine is accompanying me, who has already visited the monolithic rock structures of Yana. A great photographer and an excellent company. Let's see if she can hold on to the Bullet and the road or she collapses midway.

It is indeed a very sad moment to leave behind my good friends and the cheap petrol of Goa. Not to forget the booze but then to get some, you have to loose some. This is life of a nomadic rider, I guess.

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Early Morning Ride to Old Goa

Today I had a cold ride to Old Goa, for taking pictures of churches and ruins of monuments. Then in the evening I ran around naked on a beach, all of it was absolute fun. Read all about it in my 6th day of travel in Goa.

The morning started with a phone call to a friend. We were to ride towards Old Goa and take the pictures of the two famous churches (Se Cathedral & Bassilica of Bom Jesus) and all that's around it. This was my idea because yesterday the battery of my camera died on me. The morning ride towards Old Goa (25km) from Arpora was cold but the view was priceless. I am glad I made that decision.

On reaching the spot where the long stretch of the road divides both the churches, was absolutely empty and the view was perfect to be captured in a wide screen panorama shot. My friend loved the place and then started our photography campaign. Walking beside the road, we took photographs of the monuments from every angle and then we reached to the gates. We asked the guard if we can get in the premises. He gladly allowed us. Here we found that one can enter the premises from sunrise and be there till sunset, irrespective of the timings of the main area to be opened up. A good information for me to follow henceforth.

The first photography zone was Se Cathedral

This is one of the largest churches in Goa. It was established in 1619 in the reign of the King Dom Sebastiao. However, the alters were not finished till the 1652 but today the entire place has a majestic aura of its own. 

Its Golden Bell is popular for its rich and solid sound. Here one will find the main alter dedicated to the St. Catherine of Alexandaria. While the paintings around it depicts the scenes from her major life events and martyrdom.

One may take photos without flash. But do not take photos of the objects, alters, paintings with a person. It is not allowed and it is inappropriate as well. Also, use of tripod or stand for photography is prohibited, so is videography.

The Convent & Church of St. Francis Assisi

This is behind Se Cathedral.This is a grand place that has an amazing charm to it. The entrance will bring the visitor to a huge hall where the stunning raredos will make one admire its beauty. The floor has many priest buried beneath it so one must keep a check on where they are stepping. Again, the photography is allowed but not the use of tripod or stands or videography. One may also check out the Archaeological Museum that is just beside it as well as the Furniture Museum that is between Se Cathedral and Convent & Church of St. Francis Assisi.

The Chapel of St. Catherine

This is a small chapel on the western side of the premises, which is beautiful to look at. The pieces of ruins arranged beside it gives a fantabulous image of the old Portuguese era in the mind of the visitor.

The Huge Wheels to Crush and Mix

Behind the Chapel of St Catherine, one may see a pair of huge wheels, which were used to crush and mix the cementing ingredients with each other. These wheels were chiseled by hands in those days but still, all of them look identical to each other.

The Church of St Cajetan

This is on the north-east side of the main premises, which is very good to look at. The Gate of Adil Shah's Palace is on the left side of the main entrance gate of the premises. 

The Viceroy's Arch

It is built by the Portuguese when they won the lands of Goa. A small gate with a lot of history behind it.

After this we walked back towards the main area as we needed to see the other sides of the road. Here a lot of things were waiting to be explored again and shot with a camera. But before everything else, we needed something to eat. It has been nearly 4 hours since we started from Arpora and we were yet to have our breakfast. Due to lack of a good restaurant nearby we decided to go have some Sugarcane juice, which was indeed a good idea. Now the second part of our exploration start.

The Basilica of Bom Jesusis

This is a world famous place among the Roman Catholics as well as the people who are interested in historical monuments. Here the mortal remains of the patron saint of animals, St. Francis Xavier rests. he was the former pupil of the much famous St. Ignatious Loyola whom founded the Jesuit order. St Francis Xavier was known all over in those days for his missionary voyage.  He died on 2nd December, 1552. His body remained incorrupt, even when a servant poured four sacks of quicklime to his body in the coffin, so his flesh may be consumed by it and the remains may be returned to Goa. However, two months later when his coffin was moved to Malacca, it was observed that his body is still in perfect condition.

Later in the 19th century the body was put under a glass coffin for the visitors to come and view. In the middle of the 19th century, the current cycle of exposition in every 10 years commenced. The next exposition will happen in 2014. So be ready to reach Goa.

The rules of taking pictures here are the same as everywhere else, so please practice that.

After all the revisits and visits, taking photos, it was already 12:30 P.M. and we were exhausted. Hence we decided to rush to my friend's place, back to Arpora.

The day was excellent and perfect, I got as many shots as my camera's battery allowed and to top everything off. I had a good long ride in the morning to a place, which was peaceful, calm and made me start pondering again on the purpose of my life. I shall find the answer very soon.

Friday, 1 February 2013

Road-Trip Commences...

A shot from my last roadtrip in 2012 July in Maharashtra
It has been a long time that I rode long distance, since I have come down to Mumbai for work. Now things will change for good. I have resigned and about to embark on a journey that will take me to places, which I have never seen before nor heard before. This will be a test of my riding skills as well as communication skills as I'll be riding down south, where the language barrier will exist. 

Moreover, part of my ride will cover the insurgent affected states of Andhra Pradesh, Orissa, Chhatisgarh, Jharkhand, West-Bengal and Bihar. The path would be treacherous and packed with dangers but I suppose, without an element of risk no adventure is truly an experience to share.

I'll start my ride tomorrow from Mumbai to Goa, where I'll be doing nearly 700km via NH17. The ghats of Sahyadri shall brush my riding efficiency effectively. This would be my first time in Goa and I really do not know what to expect. So my fingers are crossed.

The most important thing in this trip would be the human element. By that I mean, everyone with whom I would meet on the way. Some will be old friends and many would be friends, whom I never met in my life till now. It would be indeed something to explore, where I intend to stay with the locals and understand the area with their perspective. This will help me get to know the place better like a native but not like a tourist.

Another thing I am experimenting in this road trip would be with my accommodation  I intend to stay with the strangers and locals throughout my journey. It's not for the economic reason but to travel in a totally different manner. Staying in the hotels would be easy but putting up with absolute strangers will be a very different kind of experience all together.

I'll also be seeking companionship on the way, so I get to see the off beat places and taste the local delicacies. This practice will also help my hosts to overcome their inhibitions against the riders, who are seen as hooligans across the Indian sub-continent.

Now I'll give you a brief introspect on my entire road-trip.

The Rider:
Raghu Raj Murmu 
Age: 29
Gender: Male

Profession: Content Writer
Adventurous, humorous, friendly, helpful, sober, witty, talkative, quite...and more

The Ride

Royal Enfield Bullet 350cc STD (1968)
It has done 10,000km in 64 days with a rider and pillion across 11 states & 2 union territories in 64 days, 2011 July-September.
3000km from Jamhedpur to New Delhi and back to Jamshedpur for Rider Mania 2012 January-February.
2000km from Jamshedpur to Mumbai in July 2012.

The Route

It's all flexible so if someone invites me over to stay at their place for sometime, I may change my route.
In a nut-shell the highway will lead me through the West coast area into Gokarna, Udupi, Mangalore, Cochin, Maysore, Bangalore, Coorg, Hospet, Hyderbad and then I'll have to decide. Hence, if someone has any suggestions, then it would be great. But the final destination is Naxalbari in West-Bengal.

2nd February 2013: Mumbai to Goa (700km)

The Sponsors
The entire trip is self-sponsored and will be completed with the help of my friends as well as family. However, if any corporate house intends to back me up, I don't mind promoting their products on the way.

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Dry Days

Shameless as I am, the fact remains very apt that to drink feels good. Hence, it is very important that I know the dates when alcohol shops will be closed. One days has already gone but 8 days are left in the year to come.

So here are the dates, keep them in mind and happy drinking.

Monday, 28 January 2013

Rape and Get Away IF You are Juvenile!!!

So the 17 year old teen who raped, tortured, raped, and then gang raped, and finally pulled her intestines out with her bare hands. Is considered a Juvenile by the Juvenile Justice Board of India a few hours ago.

As per the date of birth, this accused (please read criminal) is considered to be only 3 months away from being 18 year old. Now, if he is deemed as a juvenile then his sentence in this brutal case would not be more than 3 years. Rest 5 will get whatever is due to them but the youngest of them all, who did the most heinous of inhuman act, which is unimaginable. Gets away with the minimum of punishment. 

So the government is stating that in the Republic (read Rapepublic) of India, any man who is below 18 years of age, can rape, sodomize, gang rape, torture, mutilate, strip and leave the female victim on the street to die. And he will get only a maximum punishment of 3 years and then he is free to go out. Repeat the act of rape and get behind the bars. 

Isn't the Government of India, the Judiciary of India, the Public of India; promoting a system that is producing, saving, encouraging and nurturing the best kind of rapists to evolve into serial rapists?

But I got my lesson right.
The lesson is to teach my juvenile siblings to Kill the eve teasers at the very first act of teasing, so it becomes a warning for other pervert, evil, prospective rapists to stay away from even thinking to do the heinous task. And the adults like me, shall fight their case and get them bail, parole and also make sure that these juvenile heroes get the maximum (understand minimum) sentence as per the law.

Indeed, violence wit prejudice is not a solution but in this scenario. This seems to be the only way out when the entire system is impotent to do the needful.

Read the first news about the issue here.

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Free International Phone Calls: MagicJack

Making international or ISD phone calls have been a very heavy economic affair since a long time. I wonder, how the hell the Business Process Outsourcing firms based in India would be making phone calls to UK, America, Australia in order to interact with their clients on a daily basis?

Finally, a friend of mine who works from home as a recruitment expert, tells me about MagicJack. So this is a device, which enables a person to make phone calls through an Internet Protocol Address. And all the calls become absolutely free.

I am yet to to try it for myself though.

Friday, 25 January 2013

Anonymous-The Unknown but Strong!

Since past few days my blog-post on "Search Engine Optimization-Basic Tricks that I Use!" has been liked by a lot of "Anonymous" people. This made me a little curious about "Anonymous" and that made me come across a very new phenomenon. I was aware of it but not at this depth.

"Anonymous" is a term for a person or group that strongly stands against the censorship of Internet, like China and many other countries have done. Their identity is always classified for them to running their various schemes and hence, tasks. They targets the government and the security corporation at will. However, due to it's accurate and secretive MO, which has always fetched them their desired outcome makes the agencies deny their acts as well as existence.

This is a way to not let the world know about these crusaders for free and uncensored information. If someone asks me, I would say, "Let the information be there, over the internet to be accessed by the masses. Let the mass decide what they wish to do with the information."

"Anonymous" has to exist, act and strive for the result for the Liberty of the entire global populace. This is irrespective of who uses the internet or not. Everybody is affected by the wrongdoings of one, and the good-doings of one. A lot of "Anonymous" are required to continue the fight and the liberty!

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Search Engine Optimization-Basic tricks that I use!

Many of my friends ask me, how do I rank in the 40 pages of Google when my name "Raghu Raj Murmu" is searched. The answer is simple, I have more than 600 articles credited to my name "Raghu Raj Murmu" as an author, and there is no other "Raghu Raj Murmu" who writes with the same regular habit of writing. Hence, I rank in the search engine because my content is automatically optimized for search engines.

Moreover, Search Engine Optimization is the primary thing that I keep in mind, whenever I write something for someone or myself. Being a content writer, now it comes to me naturally. Without the proper and precise usage of the SEO practice, no content or website can be found in a search engine result page. So what is this much hyped Search Engine Optimization or SEO technique?

Well, in a layman's term, it is simply the technique that allow a website to receive more flow of traffic through the recognition and listing by the search engines on their result pages. These search engines are primary  Google, MSN and Yahoo. And in order to be listed in the result pages of these search engines, one needs to optimize there website, blog, pages etc., in accordance to the algorithm of the search engines. There are multiple types of optimization tricks. I'll be discussing just the three to keep the entire discussion simple.

Keywords are the primary element of optimization of any content that needs to be found and consequently ranked by search engines. Now the question would be, what is a keyword? A keyword is any word that is put into the search bar of a search engine. It could be a name such as "Raghu Raj Murmu" or the name of an object or a place, which you wish to find the information about. So, the more the keyword is in a particular content, the more its chances to rank higher in the search engine result pages when you look for it. 

The keywords are further divided into different subcategories.
Short Tail Keywords: These keywords usually contain one word of up to three words at a length.
Long Tail Keywords: There keywords contain more words and at times, they may be a complete or part of a sentence/statement.

Keyword Density not to be ignored!
There is another important thing to be kept in mind when playing with keyword. It's the keyword density in a certain content. An article or content must be keyword rich but it has to always adhere to the keyword density norms of the search engines, so it doesn;t get negative markings. For the exact density percentage, one can search the internet and keep themselves updated.

"Backlinking & Reciprocal Linking is the perfect manner to be found by the search engine bots, in order to be ranked high."-Anonymous

Links play a major role in being recognized by the search engine's spider or the content ranking system. This is where the spider looks for the links that are going out as well as coming in, to a site in question. More the links, better the credibility. Links are further divided in two subcategories.
  • Backlinks: These are the links that direct towards your site from some other website. It is a one way route. As shown in the graph, website "D" is referring its own traffic to website "A."
  • Reciprocal Links: These links send the traffic back and forth between two websites. As shown in the graph, website "B" is sending and receiving traffic from website "C."
Here, one must also know, that link building between their own "OWNED" websites or pages will work negatively in this task. Hence, one must seek and offer links from/to unique websites, which has great content as well as a massive traffic. There are certain cost-free methods of link building.
  1. Social Media: Post your latest blog on your Facebook, Twitter, Google + or Linkedin Account. You may also post them to other's account while commenting there.
  2. Blog Forums: Get regular on different blog forums and write meaningful comments with a link to your website or any of the sub-pages to it. Remaining "anonymous" shall not get you caught as a spammer, which the search engines don't like.
  3. Signature: Embed the link of your blog or website in your email signature, so the recipient may click at it if they so like.
  4. Request: Ask your friends to put the link to your blog in their own list of blog connections, so you get unique and genuine backlinks. Also, do return the favor by putting their links to your blog.
  5. Write: Offer your writing services for free as a guest blogger on some popular site, where you can have the liberty to post a link to your website in the article that you may be writing.
  6. Do Leave a Comment and Not Just a "Like": This is something we always do, we will definitely like a wonderful post on a blog site but will never comment, how much we liked it. So please make it a point to leave a comment after you have gone through a post. That means, I expect you to write a line or may be two after you go through this blog-post.
  7. Content Submission Sites: Get registered in the content submission sites, such as Ezinearticles.com and post your content. There you get two backlinks to attach, with the content you post.
With these basic tricks of search engine optimization, you can get your website, blog or content at a good level; where the viewership will be more. An increased traffic could later be used to make a good volume of revenue too.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

My Dreams Make People Say "You Are Crazy!"

I know how it feels to dream, and not be able to sleep because I am being haunted by my dreams to make them come true. My dreams usually scare everyone around me because they seem too vivid and unrealistic. However, I know that if I succeed, people will gawk and point saying, "You are crazy!" If I don't, they will still say that but with more vigor because I did not succeed.

Seeing how I have performed in the past 8 years of my professional and personal life. I see only one thing, what I am doing today is nothing less than extra ordinary for me. What I intend to do tomorrow, will be no less that extra ordinary for everybody including me.

I will not stop dreaming, I will not stop attempting to make them come true, I will ride, I will write because these are the two things; I am proficient at.

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Congress & Rahul Gandhi-New Era or Third Generation of Chaos

Today a couple hours ago, Rahul Gandhi or popularly known as the Prince of Congress, became the second-in-command of one of the largest political parties of Indian subcontinent. He spoke very gracefully and sensibly like his mother Sonia Gandhi, his father Late Rajiv Gandhi, his grand-mother Late Indira Gandhi, his great-grandfather Late Jawahar Lal Nehru and yes, the man whom we call Mahatma Gandhi.

However, this grace and sensibility was not visible when last month a crowd of youth was demanding stricter punishment for the accused of the brutal rape that resulted in Nirbhaya's death. He was no where to be seen in the middle of the ongoing protest by the youth of India. And he screams, "Congress, Youth ki Aawaaz."

When he could have made his mark of leadership by negotiating between the angry and agitated crowd of Youth, and the government. He chose not to appear. Now he suggests that the leadership be born from the young blood under the hand of Congress. Hypocrassy at its best.

When one looks at Congress and its leaders, all they would see is an escalation in the price of various commodities, a steep rise in crime against women, cheap statements from its top-notch politicians and last but not the least; no courage to say, "We Can't Help You Anymore."

I pity Congress, I pity Youth Congress, I pity the people of India, I pity myself.

For the glorious speech of Rahul Gandhi, please click here.