Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Dry Days

Shameless as I am, the fact remains very apt that to drink feels good. Hence, it is very important that I know the dates when alcohol shops will be closed. One days has already gone but 8 days are left in the year to come.

So here are the dates, keep them in mind and happy drinking.

Monday, 28 January 2013

Rape and Get Away IF You are Juvenile!!!

So the 17 year old teen who raped, tortured, raped, and then gang raped, and finally pulled her intestines out with her bare hands. Is considered a Juvenile by the Juvenile Justice Board of India a few hours ago.

As per the date of birth, this accused (please read criminal) is considered to be only 3 months away from being 18 year old. Now, if he is deemed as a juvenile then his sentence in this brutal case would not be more than 3 years. Rest 5 will get whatever is due to them but the youngest of them all, who did the most heinous of inhuman act, which is unimaginable. Gets away with the minimum of punishment. 

So the government is stating that in the Republic (read Rapepublic) of India, any man who is below 18 years of age, can rape, sodomize, gang rape, torture, mutilate, strip and leave the female victim on the street to die. And he will get only a maximum punishment of 3 years and then he is free to go out. Repeat the act of rape and get behind the bars. 

Isn't the Government of India, the Judiciary of India, the Public of India; promoting a system that is producing, saving, encouraging and nurturing the best kind of rapists to evolve into serial rapists?

But I got my lesson right.
The lesson is to teach my juvenile siblings to Kill the eve teasers at the very first act of teasing, so it becomes a warning for other pervert, evil, prospective rapists to stay away from even thinking to do the heinous task. And the adults like me, shall fight their case and get them bail, parole and also make sure that these juvenile heroes get the maximum (understand minimum) sentence as per the law.

Indeed, violence wit prejudice is not a solution but in this scenario. This seems to be the only way out when the entire system is impotent to do the needful.

Read the first news about the issue here.

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Free International Phone Calls: MagicJack

Making international or ISD phone calls have been a very heavy economic affair since a long time. I wonder, how the hell the Business Process Outsourcing firms based in India would be making phone calls to UK, America, Australia in order to interact with their clients on a daily basis?

Finally, a friend of mine who works from home as a recruitment expert, tells me about MagicJack. So this is a device, which enables a person to make phone calls through an Internet Protocol Address. And all the calls become absolutely free.

I am yet to to try it for myself though.

Friday, 25 January 2013

Anonymous-The Unknown but Strong!

Since past few days my blog-post on "Search Engine Optimization-Basic Tricks that I Use!" has been liked by a lot of "Anonymous" people. This made me a little curious about "Anonymous" and that made me come across a very new phenomenon. I was aware of it but not at this depth.

"Anonymous" is a term for a person or group that strongly stands against the censorship of Internet, like China and many other countries have done. Their identity is always classified for them to running their various schemes and hence, tasks. They targets the government and the security corporation at will. However, due to it's accurate and secretive MO, which has always fetched them their desired outcome makes the agencies deny their acts as well as existence.

This is a way to not let the world know about these crusaders for free and uncensored information. If someone asks me, I would say, "Let the information be there, over the internet to be accessed by the masses. Let the mass decide what they wish to do with the information."

"Anonymous" has to exist, act and strive for the result for the Liberty of the entire global populace. This is irrespective of who uses the internet or not. Everybody is affected by the wrongdoings of one, and the good-doings of one. A lot of "Anonymous" are required to continue the fight and the liberty!

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Search Engine Optimization-Basic tricks that I use!

Many of my friends ask me, how do I rank in the 40 pages of Google when my name "Raghu Raj Murmu" is searched. The answer is simple, I have more than 600 articles credited to my name "Raghu Raj Murmu" as an author, and there is no other "Raghu Raj Murmu" who writes with the same regular habit of writing. Hence, I rank in the search engine because my content is automatically optimized for search engines.

Moreover, Search Engine Optimization is the primary thing that I keep in mind, whenever I write something for someone or myself. Being a content writer, now it comes to me naturally. Without the proper and precise usage of the SEO practice, no content or website can be found in a search engine result page. So what is this much hyped Search Engine Optimization or SEO technique?

Well, in a layman's term, it is simply the technique that allow a website to receive more flow of traffic through the recognition and listing by the search engines on their result pages. These search engines are primary  Google, MSN and Yahoo. And in order to be listed in the result pages of these search engines, one needs to optimize there website, blog, pages etc., in accordance to the algorithm of the search engines. There are multiple types of optimization tricks. I'll be discussing just the three to keep the entire discussion simple.

Keywords are the primary element of optimization of any content that needs to be found and consequently ranked by search engines. Now the question would be, what is a keyword? A keyword is any word that is put into the search bar of a search engine. It could be a name such as "Raghu Raj Murmu" or the name of an object or a place, which you wish to find the information about. So, the more the keyword is in a particular content, the more its chances to rank higher in the search engine result pages when you look for it. 

The keywords are further divided into different subcategories.
Short Tail Keywords: These keywords usually contain one word of up to three words at a length.
Long Tail Keywords: There keywords contain more words and at times, they may be a complete or part of a sentence/statement.

Keyword Density not to be ignored!
There is another important thing to be kept in mind when playing with keyword. It's the keyword density in a certain content. An article or content must be keyword rich but it has to always adhere to the keyword density norms of the search engines, so it doesn;t get negative markings. For the exact density percentage, one can search the internet and keep themselves updated.

"Backlinking & Reciprocal Linking is the perfect manner to be found by the search engine bots, in order to be ranked high."-Anonymous

Links play a major role in being recognized by the search engine's spider or the content ranking system. This is where the spider looks for the links that are going out as well as coming in, to a site in question. More the links, better the credibility. Links are further divided in two subcategories.
  • Backlinks: These are the links that direct towards your site from some other website. It is a one way route. As shown in the graph, website "D" is referring its own traffic to website "A."
  • Reciprocal Links: These links send the traffic back and forth between two websites. As shown in the graph, website "B" is sending and receiving traffic from website "C."
Here, one must also know, that link building between their own "OWNED" websites or pages will work negatively in this task. Hence, one must seek and offer links from/to unique websites, which has great content as well as a massive traffic. There are certain cost-free methods of link building.
  1. Social Media: Post your latest blog on your Facebook, Twitter, Google + or Linkedin Account. You may also post them to other's account while commenting there.
  2. Blog Forums: Get regular on different blog forums and write meaningful comments with a link to your website or any of the sub-pages to it. Remaining "anonymous" shall not get you caught as a spammer, which the search engines don't like.
  3. Signature: Embed the link of your blog or website in your email signature, so the recipient may click at it if they so like.
  4. Request: Ask your friends to put the link to your blog in their own list of blog connections, so you get unique and genuine backlinks. Also, do return the favor by putting their links to your blog.
  5. Write: Offer your writing services for free as a guest blogger on some popular site, where you can have the liberty to post a link to your website in the article that you may be writing.
  6. Do Leave a Comment and Not Just a "Like": This is something we always do, we will definitely like a wonderful post on a blog site but will never comment, how much we liked it. So please make it a point to leave a comment after you have gone through a post. That means, I expect you to write a line or may be two after you go through this blog-post.
  7. Content Submission Sites: Get registered in the content submission sites, such as Ezinearticles.com and post your content. There you get two backlinks to attach, with the content you post.
With these basic tricks of search engine optimization, you can get your website, blog or content at a good level; where the viewership will be more. An increased traffic could later be used to make a good volume of revenue too.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

My Dreams Make People Say "You Are Crazy!"

I know how it feels to dream, and not be able to sleep because I am being haunted by my dreams to make them come true. My dreams usually scare everyone around me because they seem too vivid and unrealistic. However, I know that if I succeed, people will gawk and point saying, "You are crazy!" If I don't, they will still say that but with more vigor because I did not succeed.

Seeing how I have performed in the past 8 years of my professional and personal life. I see only one thing, what I am doing today is nothing less than extra ordinary for me. What I intend to do tomorrow, will be no less that extra ordinary for everybody including me.

I will not stop dreaming, I will not stop attempting to make them come true, I will ride, I will write because these are the two things; I am proficient at.

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Congress & Rahul Gandhi-New Era or Third Generation of Chaos

Today a couple hours ago, Rahul Gandhi or popularly known as the Prince of Congress, became the second-in-command of one of the largest political parties of Indian subcontinent. He spoke very gracefully and sensibly like his mother Sonia Gandhi, his father Late Rajiv Gandhi, his grand-mother Late Indira Gandhi, his great-grandfather Late Jawahar Lal Nehru and yes, the man whom we call Mahatma Gandhi.

However, this grace and sensibility was not visible when last month a crowd of youth was demanding stricter punishment for the accused of the brutal rape that resulted in Nirbhaya's death. He was no where to be seen in the middle of the ongoing protest by the youth of India. And he screams, "Congress, Youth ki Aawaaz."

When he could have made his mark of leadership by negotiating between the angry and agitated crowd of Youth, and the government. He chose not to appear. Now he suggests that the leadership be born from the young blood under the hand of Congress. Hypocrassy at its best.

When one looks at Congress and its leaders, all they would see is an escalation in the price of various commodities, a steep rise in crime against women, cheap statements from its top-notch politicians and last but not the least; no courage to say, "We Can't Help You Anymore."

I pity Congress, I pity Youth Congress, I pity the people of India, I pity myself.

For the glorious speech of Rahul Gandhi, please click here.

Friday, 18 January 2013

How Girlfriends Behave Most of the Time ;-)

Now this is a video from a Hindi movie "Pyaar Ka Punchnama," which means autopsy of love. I know, the title of the movie is funny for sure. But the overall speech by this actor on the behaviour of girlfriends is nothing but very factual as it happens most of the time.

View and enjoy!

Wednesday, 16 January 2013


Not much time ago, I realized that being in touch with friends and the people, who made a difference in my life; is important. It makes me go through the self-realization, from where I am coming and how I have reached to my current position. 

Life is indeed, full of surprises and much more than one could think of. For me, it would be the beginning of another journey, where I'll be meeting a lot of old friends, making new friends as well as meeting those friends, whom I have not yet met.

That's the plan for now, till this life doesn't get over.

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Mumbai Top Cop's Foolish Remark on Sex Education


"Sex education leads to more crimes against women."- Satyapal Singh, Police Commissioner, Mumbai

Now that's some statement by the top cop of Mumbai. He seems to be of no support to the sex education. Moreover, he has been of opinion that the students of English medium are more prone to suicide than any other vernacular medium. 

However, he did admit that today the sexual violence is because of the less moral teachings that the society imparts to the young ones. I would agree to that but his statement on the matter of "Sex Education" is definitely very foolish.

Monday, 14 January 2013


Well, I just had to take my own photograph, so here I used my Acer Netbook's webcam. The result may not be all that 'wow' but I found it to be worth posting over the net. :-P

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Facebook and Writing!

Facebook is an excellent portal to promote your content in an amazing manner. It is also good to find some writing assignments as well as tutorials for the novice writers. One can easily put up the latest writing on his Facebook Page or Profile, which would instantly grasp the attention of the viewer. All this would generate traffic manifold than the mere backlinks or the reciprocal links that one may work faithfully upon.

The sharing feature of Facebook gives the write-up of a content writer a very wide area to spread, this works on a global level that can't be stopped once a quality piece is in circulation. Hence, one must take complete advantage of their social media connections over the net, if they can. For quality should go beyond the boarders of nation and region.

Wednesday, 9 January 2013


I wasn't a content writer or a copy-writer since the beginning of my career. I was an amateur writer for sure but never thought of making it a full time profession. But later, I left everything and got myself into serious writing.

The craft of writing has evolved manifold in past two decades. This has happened more so because of the invention of the computer and a revolution in the development of the internet. Today the use of a pen or a typewriter to write, is almost vanished but the relevance is still there.

This inclusion of technology has aided the writers in many ways, now the novice writers may be picked up by the clients or companies very easily. While they may also write in their free time or the times when they do not have any paid assignments. These pieces of content could be published on the free publication sites such as Ezinearticles.com where the author credentials are bestowed upon the writer. It also works as a sample. Sending good literary pieces to Citi Journal would also earn some online writer's credentials.

Overall, writing is a fun way to earn, and be free to do things that one has always wanted. For me, it has always been all about liberty to travel.

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

How I practice Blogging

It's been sometime now, since I've been blogging on a regular basis. Everybody prefers Wordpress over Blogger because the former has an array of SEO and Revenue making tools. But I personally find the latter convenient for immediate blogging as it takes very less time to load. 
One can always create their blogging site, combining these two in perfect sync. That will keep the blog site optimized for the search engine as well as one can update it quickly. As for me, I go in combination with the three, Weebly, Wordpress and Blogger.

Weebly is the place where I have a website while Wordpress is just perfect for my travelogues. The blogger is extremely convenient to blog on a quick manner. Hence, I get the attractive features of everything. Many may think, this is bit complicated because of three different platforms. But once the system is developed by one to set a proper link, reciprocal links and backlinks, the entire task becomes benefiting.

Monday, 7 January 2013


Yes indeed!

This is a very bad time for every man but then I have crossed that and yet, I am to make something "OUT" of my life. That's what most of my elders tell me. They may be true with their suggestion because of the experience. However, those experience are of past, while the times have changed a lot.

Now the stereotype of 9-5 jobs in the government sector is not mandatory. Alternative career options are very well available to choose from...

For instance, I am a Chief Copy-Editor/Writer in a tech firm, which has branches all across the world. I was a freelance content writer before this. The point that I am so much stressing upon here, is to get over this age old phenomenon. 

One is born, learn, earn to live; and enjoy their life. 

Don't be a slave to the stereotypical norms of the society.

Wake up and live to enjoy your life.

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Let them walk!

The path many didn't pick up and warned others about, few walked on it and reached to a glorious destination. I did things, which I was told that I won't be able to do and hence, it would be impossible to accomplish. All was done and achieved.

I urge you to do what you always wanted to, live your life the way you want for the time and youth will never come back.

With you guidance, let others walk the path you have failed terribly. One never knows, what's ahead that will suit them tremendously.

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Still not asking for it...

Very intimidating!!!

And much more was said about this unidentified protester who was topless. The photo was published in the Tumblr page of  STFU, Conservatives. I am not putting it up here for the epic photo that has created a lot of ripples already but for the numerous numbers of comments, it has generated in a matter of minutes.

One of the viewer was of the opinion, "but then again, its kind like putting a meat suit on and telling a shark not to eat you." He may have been right in his observation of the way the animals work naturally, following just their natural instinct. However, with the human, it is absolutely different.

This is what the STFU responded with;





Now that's a perfect response to all those intelligent morons who tell our ladies, to cover up but never teach the boys to respect, protect and support the women of substance and courage.

Friday, 4 January 2013

Thursday, 3 January 2013


His Holiness Dalai Lama has always held a high place in my heart. This is what I found somewhere over the net and tried to find its meaning. The meaning is very deep, which further goes in practicing the value of compassion along with tolerance while one faces his enemy.

I shall try to follow it.

Wednesday, 2 January 2013


This poster depicts very correctly the way majority of the men behave today. The heart is not where it should be, the brains are definitely not inside the skull. It's not the love that resides between the legs but an uncontrollable lust for domination. A lot is to be blamed to our parents and us, the elders who do not teach their male child to behave as a gentleman.

I'll maintain the difference within me from the barbaric lot, which is driven by lust but never by love, care, and honor.

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Joy & Happiness!!!

I would begin my first blog post of this year with a little but very important element, which is the core of everything that we do. Happiness!!!

Margaret did say it in a very refined tone and I agree to that statement, too. However, this brings me to a second thing, which is the various activities I and some of my friends do. And the average person looks at us in amusement and at times unbelief. Their common question is, why do we do, what we love to do, i.e.; riding motorbikes, long road-trips, jungle treks, rock climbing without any safety equipment, earning enough just to travel again. The answer is, Joy...

Don't we live, work, earn, spend, act for the same endeavor? Joy! 

I do not ask, why you do, what you do because I know it brings joy to you. I am not surprised but at times envious for there are few things I can't do but I intent to do them all someday.

For now, understand, we are here to do two things, live and give what we can. 
All lead to one thing;

Happiness or Joy!!!