Thursday, 19 September 2013


Something that bothered me a while along with my parents; Didaskaleinophobia!!

Curious on what exactly Didaskaleinophobia is?

Well, it's the accute fear in a child that instantly comes from the thought or act of going to his school. Didasko is a Greek word that means 'teach' while phobia is Greek for 'fear'. This is a peculiar phobia that is most common in young children. I suffered from Didaskaleinophobia for a very long time, which made me change more than 20 schools by the time I reached my 10th standard of school.

Let's check the causes for Didaskaleinophobia

It is a proven fact that all kinds of phobia arise due to internal predispositions as well as from certain combinations of multiple external events. Though various phobias could be easily traced back to some sort of triggering events, which are usually a very traumatic experience that the patient had in his childhood. In this case, it could be a shy character that is intimidated by the strict teacher or the bullies in the class-room.

Know the symptoms of Didaskaleinophobia

Like any other kind of phobia, its symptoms does vary person-to-person, which completely depends on the individual level of fear. These symptoms include anxiety, irregular heartbeat, rapid breathing, sweating, nausea, dry mouth, shaking and more. In extreme cases the child may run away or hide himself when it's time to leave for school or tuition.

Any medication or treatment?

The best medication in this condition is counseling by an expert. This could very well be accompanied by an array of medicines prescribed by a specialist. However, the support of the parents and siblings is the most important aspect of the treatment. Other than counseling and medications, the patient could very well have to go through psychotherapy, hypnotherapy as well as programming for his Neuro-Linguistic; if the condition is very severe.

Under no circumstances Didaskaleinophobia should be considered a phase of life, it needs to be treated like any other ailment, but with a lot of TLC.