Saturday, 18 January 2014

Review: Kalenji Belt 2 Water Bottles

Rear view of the Hydration Belt
Today I received Kalenji Belt 2-Water Bottles that has a storage capacity of 260 ml each. I have been longing for something like this for my training runs. The product costed me INR 698/- with INR 99/- for shipping from; making it a total of INR 797/-. However, the product is really worth the money that I have spent on it. The material is really good, supportive on the lower back, adjustable strap, plastic buckles, reflective lining. Here are couple of pictures of the product.

The mesh base with reflective strap confine 
Now the best part with this accessory is that it not only carries 520 ml of water or electrolyte mix or energy drink, it also has a zip pocket on each side to keep loose change and keys.
Zip pocket
However, the only problem here with these pockets are that they are just too small for a mobile phone. Though, a small ipod can easily be adjusted in there. Now let's review the bottles.
These two bottles are very sturdy and don't leak when they are hanging on the belt. Though if they are being pressed hard, water may drop out from its neck. The top can be pulled with teeth and fluids can flow out, while the bottle has enough grooves that it will not slip out of the hands.
Left bottle container
What you see here is the left bottle container, which is pretty strong and hold the bottle tightly. There is an elastic loop that goes around the neck of the bottle once it sits right in the container, to ensure it stays perfectly in its place.

Pros: Perfect accessory for the runners, though it has to be adjusted properly so it doesn't shake while running.

Cons: The zip pockets on each side are pretty small for mobile phones.

My Take
The piece if perfect for everyday 21-30 km training run, but for a full marathon one must use a camel-back hydration pack that can store water from 2-3 liters and has a pipe to sip it on the run, without risking the balance.A runner may start his training with this chic accessory.

~Raghu Raj Murmu

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