Sunday, 20 April 2014

Chicken Sandwich at Cafe Regal

Sometimes climbing stairs are excellent, if its towards Cafe Regal; for Chicken Sandwich with potato chips and Coffee. That's what I did after a crazy Sunday spent on writing articles and press-releases for my clients. A break was what I needed desperately and I had to try a new place. What would have been better than Varun's Cafe Regal.

Well, I reached there by 5:35 PM, climbed up and the entire staircase was giving me the same feeling as if I was in an old building; somewhere in Mumbai. The door was open and through the transparent glass panel I saw that the cafe was empty. Perfect! That was the word, which popped up in my head. I could have something delicious without being compelled to listen other people's conversation.

The staff was exponentially courteous and brought what I ordered within a couple of minutes. For the first time in days, I had the pleasure of being with myself and enjoying good snack. The place certainly has a charm that will attract me to itself again and again. Another important thing, which impressed me was that the prices of everything in the menu are absolutely affordable, but even if it would have been expensive. I would have still paid because the experience is priceless.

I would certainly like to sit in the corner and read the next time I visit!

Next time, it shall be Pasta!!!

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Cafe Regal: Step Back In Time With Coffee And Parsi Cuisine

Jamshedpur has been missing a laid back cafe that offers not just a cup of coffee and some confectionaries, but also a vintage charm with incredible hospitality. Varun Gazder, a young man who worked in the hospitality industry for three years and realized that his own hometown needs a place for young and old.

And so an entrepreneur with a dream was born in the first quarter of 2013. The entire thing finally materialized after a year, when the top floor of Bharucha Mansion, which is also known as Regal Building among the Jampotians; was ready...

The modest cafe, in a minimalist layout was introduced to the coffee aficionados on the 10th April, 2014. One would get the vintage feeling the moment he would enter the building and start climbing the stair to the Cafe. Upon entering the cafe, the first thing anyone would notice is the reading corner, iron beam ceiling and a huge bar counter that pays homage to hospitality during the great depression.

Sitting arrangements are classy and comfortable; Varun started the cafe with an idea to introduce the authentic Parsi meal to the food aficionados of Jamshedpur. The Parsi menu would be available every Sunday. It will be cooked as per the traditional recipes that have been passed down through 5 generations into his family.

I bet, it's going to be a treat!

Do check out the Facebook Page of the cafe...