Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Hyderabad: My First Day Of Adventure With Decathlon and Hyderabad Biryani

The train reached right at 07:30 hours to Secunderabad Railway Junction. Now let me tell you something about this place. It's on the East side of Hussain Sagar lake, which could be marked as a major landmark on the map as well as this is the separating point of the twin cities of Secunderabad and Hyderabad. Now I was to go to see an old friend Ashwini, with whom I was to stay in Hyderabad. He stays close to Gachibowli Stadium in North Hyderabad, right next to the Hyderabad-Bangalore Highway; so a ride of an hour was assured.

I caught a bus to his place and the ride begins. I must say that the AC and luxury city buses of Secunderabad-Hyderabad are amazing. They are tidy and are well connected to every corner of this twin city. I had to fall in love with the public transportation instantly; I did. Ashwini was expecting me. Hence he came to pick me up and it was a pleasant sight because I was seeing him after almost 5 years.

We went to his home, which was cozy because of his hospitality. I must admit that it's not the materialistic things that someone offers me, which makes me happy; but the emotions with which it is offered to me. And he is one of the finest people I have the privilege to know of. At his place I met another old friend Ashutosh. They both briefed me all about the city transportation, while I listened carefully.

Now they were gone for work and I quickly freshened up to get going for Decathlon Store, which is situated close to Hyderabad Airport.

Reaching Decathalon

Though I was told by Ashwini as well as the store guys to catch the City-Airport Connecting Bus, which would have costed me INR 200/- for one trip. However, adventurous me; I wanted to try the alternative route. Hence, I took a share auto to Gachibowli Flyover and then took a bus from there to Mehadipattnam. Then I caught another bus to the nearest neighborhood to the airport; which was a highway. Then a shared cab to the airport, after which an 800 meters walk to the Decathalon store. I reached the store drenched in sweat, but the moment I entered there; I was mesmerized.

It was a HUGE STORE for professional athletes and aspiring athletes. Each and every item over there was meant for some sport or other. I took a round of the store and then went into the "Runner's" section meant for men. I would have just ended up buying a cap and the running shorts, but then I met the store manager Tribhuvan Reddy, who gave me an insight into the various running products and also helped me buy the Dry-fit long socks. The bill came a whooping INR 3975/-.

Session of Supercoach Bill Pierce

One of the Decathalon store staff, Bhuvan told me about the particular session; which was to be held in Banjara Hills. Coincidentally, the venue was right beside the Marathon route. Hence, I was more excited and so Bhuvan took me on his bike to the seminar and it was a good session that I had in a long time.

Hyderabad Biryani

Post talk, Bhuvan took me to Hyderabad House at Hitech-I. That eatery is famous because many celebrities come there for good food. Indeed, I had to try it out and ordered chicken biryani for myself and he ordered mutton biryani. I must say, I couldn't finish the biryani, but the flavor was out of this world.

After the dinner, I took a bus to the nearest walking point to my friend's place and called it a fulfilling day.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Bhubaneswar To Hyderabad

I reached Bhubaneswar at 03:30 hours and the train to Hyderabad was at 08:00 hours in the morning. To top everything off, there were mosquitoes and I needed to get some more sleep without missing the train.

Well, I had some sleep and an early morning breakfast before I boarded the train. This train is to take me to Secunderabad railway station by 07:30 hours tomorrow morning.

Since I already had a heavy breakfast, I was not much keen on having anything anymore. Hence, I slept till noon and woke up to the chattering of few girls on the next birth. They seem to be students from some college and going back home. In the meanwhile the pantry car attendant crossed offering Biryani of various flavors. Though, I am going to the land of many things and especially Biryani, but I had to eat something; so why not start with Biryani itself. So I asked for Egg Biryani, which was for a descent INR 70/-. I had it hurriedly and I was still hungry. In one of the stations, I bought another Egg Biryani from the station vendor, which was for INR 50/-; equally delicious. My last meal was again an Egg Biryani at night from another station vendor somewhere on the boarder of Orissa and Telangana, for INR 80/-. A lot of difference in price, while the flavor and quantity was almost the same.

Well, that was all for the day and night in the train. Tomorrow I shall be with a very old friend of mine in the city of Nawabs; Hyderabad.

Monday, 18 August 2014

Traveling To Hyderabad...

After a year of many mishaps and efforts to get my life back on track. This is the beginning of a good travel for me. Today I board a train to Bhubaneswar from Tatanagar Junction and tomorrow I shall catch a connecting train to Hyderabad. The entire journey would be a bit more than 24 hours, but since i am to do a break journey; it would be convenient.

The reason I am going to Hyderabad is to participate in the Airtel Hyderabad Marathon, which is considered as the nation's toughest city marathon. I have no idea what is there that makes it so tough, but the anticipation of something great lies within me. Let's see what happens this Sunday morning.

For now, I have to pack and get ready for the train that will depart from Jamshedpur this evening at 2000 hours.